Mosh 1L Vacuum Tank

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Imagine to have a relaxing afternoon tea at home with family but the hot water cools downtoo fast? Don't worry, Mosh 1L Vacuum Tank will help you effectively keeps your beverages hot or cold up to 24 hours.

It's one of the best selling household MUST-HAVE in Japan which feature both functionality and minimalist design and look much better than any other vacuum flasks in the market. It's a stainless steel hot and cold vacuum flask that comes with a double walled thermal insulates which helps to keep your beverages in the best condition no matter it's cold / hot. 

The turnable bottom allows the tank to rotate around 360 degree for easier pick up and safer for both adult and children too. Lastly, the stopper gasket with pouring spout allow you to open and close it safely.

If you are looking for a beautiful table top tank then don't miss this out! 


•For hot beverages, ≤ 62°c up to 10 hours while ≤ 43°c up to 24hours.

•For cold beverages, ≤10°c up to 10 hours!


Colours: Ivory (white) , Pink 

Size: 12.4cm (W)  x 18.7cm (D) x 19.6cm (H)

Capacity: 1 Litter