Haptive Gift Card

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We finally launched our very first in-house designed gift card. We have received lots of request from you guys, who asked for a customised gift card for your friends / family or loved ones. 

You can include this gift card to cheer up your friends or simply act as a greeting card for your loved one. We have came out with 4 pastel designs inspired by our founder's favourite color scheme and positive vibes.

Welcome to include this on your order and remember send us a note if it's a gift for yourself / your friends. It comes with 4 colour and choices:-

1. Thank you: I'm thankful for...

2. Hello: How are you?

3. Grateful: I'm grateful for...

4. Have a nice day: Sweet Note for you

It comes in a set too! Can use it as a gift card for your friends or placed it with a sticker on your favourite wall corner, or last but not least as a cheerful reminder msg card for yourself and placed it on your work desk.